Set Apart Ministries

Catalyzing Healing, Cultivating Hope

Catalyzing Healing

Set Apart Ministries presents seminars and workshops on sexual abuse issues. The plenary session of a Set Apart Ministries event is based on Louise Simmons testimony. In sharing her testimony, abused people begin or continue their journey of healing. Healing is catalyzed through Encouragement to break the silence, Empowerment to seek qualified Christian Counsel, and  Education of  victims and their support systems to overcome their chains of shame.


We also help people and organizations identify resources that can help people continue the healing process and develop programs to help the abused.





  • To break the silence
  • To receive healing
  • To develop healthy self esteem



  •  To seek qualified Christian counsel
  • To confront the abuser(s)
  • To break the chains of shame
  • Self understanding
  • Support groups
  • Seminars& workshops